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Umbraco and Sitecore Agency

We develop websites that give you the control to update them directly, instantly and online. This is a Content Management System or as it is otherwise known a "CMS". We develop our CMS websites using Umbraco and Sitecore. They are free, open source and get subjected to the most heavy user testing and constant updates on the market today.

Digital Production

The majority of the work is done at our Bristol and Belfast offices with some work done on an out-sourced basis for other digital/marketing/design agencies that do not have the Umbraco or Sitecore expertise in-house. We’re happy to work under NDA and have done for a number of impressive brands. We provide end-to-end software production from requirement gathering all the way to testing and deployment. We work on a part agile, part waterfall basis as it allows us to provide a greater amount of detail in reporting back to clients on the project status.


Some of our clients prefer not to outsource and rather make use of their internal resources, yet need to utilize some of the Umbraco based thinking that we have at Mayfly. All of our developers have previous ASP.NET consultancy experience and as such we are happy to lend our experienced staff to companies on a consultancy basis.

Mobile Development

We build our mobile apps using standard web technologies such as HTML 5, JQuery and CSS3. Our mobile apps look and feel like mobile apps, but essentially they are websites. This means we can host it on the web (like a normal website), bringing hosting costs down. The apps can be written once and then made available to all mobile devices, which brings development costs down plus mobile content can be served directly from your CMS, meaning you only have to enter your content once!


All websites need to be hosted on a server and we offer three types of hosting that we recommend:

Extensibility and Package Development

We have developed a collection of useful and re-usable tools for common modules like blogs, contact forms and social media streams – helping to speed up the process of making a website. Once we have built a new tool, as Umbraco and Sitecore are supported by a wonderful open source community we will try and give back to the community by releasing a package so other people can benefit from any re-usable work that we have done.

Installation Support and Training

We build time into a project to provide on-site training for all of our clients CMS users. Following this we offer a monthly support package to ensure a smooth transition into managing your CMS. Our Support staff are always on hand to help and our support packages can be specifically tailored to fit your needs. The same goes for installation and deployment. Our engineers are available to install and configure Umbraco to meet and match all of your needs – from development servers, staging environments and production environments.